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COVID-19 Resources
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COVID-19 Resources

March 20 update

A message from Superintendent Graff: We need to unite in this time of uncertainty

I am incredibly humbled and proud to be the Superintendent of one of the largest and most diverse school districts in Minnesota. The contributions of our diverse staff and student body makes us richer and more informed global citizens. 

For that reason, I feel it is important for me to share again a message that I sent earlier this month. Minneapolis Public Schools expressly condemns the growing number of racist and xenophobic attacks being directed toward Asian Americans here and across the country. 

We must, as an MPS school community, stand united against all forms of bullying, hate speech or micro aggressions directed toward our Asian American students, staff, families and neighbors. We must not let fears or misinformation about the COVID-19 virus separate us. Only together we will weather this crisis. Only together can we remain #MPS Strong. 

Family technology needs

MPS recently sent families a survey to see what their student’s technology needs might be during school closures. If you were not able to respond the first time the survey was sent and missed that opportunity, there is another round of calls going out Friday that will remain open through the weekend. Please make sure and respond to this survey which will come to you on the phone through School Messenger and in an email with a link to the same survey; if you already completed the survey on the phone, the email link will tell you that your response has already been recorded. The survey will only take five minutes.

Meals available for any child 

We want families to know that ANY child who is 18 years or younger can receive meals being distributed at 20 locations throughout Minneapolis by MPS. The child does not need to be an MPS student to receive these meals. 

Meals are being given out to students at several locations throughout the city from Mondays 

through Fridays from 10 am to 2 pm. Follow this link to watch a video and learn more about this service.